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Koehler is a dynamic digital agency renowned for its strategic acumen and creative process. With over 15 years of industry experience, we have honed our expertise across four key domains: website and portal creation, digital marketing, branding, and social media. Additionally, our consultancy services in design and technology are tailored to optimize communication strategies, ensuring our clients achieve their objectives with precision and impact.

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Website development

Website development involves the creation and maintenance of websites. It encompasses various tasks, such as coding, designing, and implementing features to ensure a functional and visually appealing online presence. Developers use programming languages and frameworks to bring a website to life, meeting the specific needs and goals of individuals, businesses, or organizations.

Website Design

3 Things maybe you will like to know… A website is often the first thing a consumer investigates before making a purchase decision. You typically have less than 5 seconds to capture your audience’s attention According to a web credibility study by Stanford University, 75% of people judge the credibility of a website by its design.

Website Coding

The Website coding it’s the only part of your website that search engines and social media sites can see, it is the language used to communicate with these engines. This is a very large “part” of what determines how quickly your site loads (which directly affects visitors). A good quality coding is very important, to make sure your website is readable. Editing code is also a more comfortable job with high-quality code as they are easy to read and implement changes. The use of comments, proper indentation, clear notations, and simplicity in the flow are some factors.

Website Hosting

There are many aspects when it comes to getting a website online. A domain needs to be purchased, hosting needs to be arranged, the website should be designed and built, services needs to be install, and marketing begins. The choice of the datacenter where you will have your website is fundamental, I will give you an example to make this concept easy without using technical terms. A house can not be construct without a good foundation. A small house can accept a limit number of people living there, and in case of your family grows this space needs to be able to create new rooms, for the new family members. This is the same with a hosting enviroment. In a good datacenter, information should be readily accessible, well-organized and available in any situation to data center employees. Policies and procedures aren’t beneficial if they’re not followed, so an organization of experienced and well-trained staff with a commitment to rigorous adherence to standards and methods is essential.

KWS (Koehler Web Services) will choose the best plataform for your project considering important attributes: Reliability, Scalability/Flexibility, Cooling Efficiency, Security, Emergency Backup & Reputation.


SEO, or search engine optimization, involves optimizing a website for favorable rankings on search engines. Conversely, website design encompasses the overall creation and layout of a website and its pages. When amalgamated, SEO web design signifies crafting a website with optimization in mind. At Koehler, we craft tailored solutions to enhance your online visibility. A responsive website is pivotal, ensuring seamless synergy between design, content, and underlying code. Define your online business goals for increased client engagement. Additionally, count on our expertise in executing effective online campaigns. We're here to bring your digital presence to new heights.

Content Writing or Creative Storytelling

Using certain catchphrases and keywords, our team of web writers will write you text that will significantly improve your customer-client relationship. Your web copy will also be optimized for search engines to get higher rankings on Google, Yahoo and other search engines, thus getting more traffic to your website. No matter what style you need – witty, direct, simple informative, assertive, or formal – we are very good at writing about your business, this is our art.

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